The Grove Award

The Grove Award was introduced in September 2021 in order to provide recognition and reward for students in Years 7, 8 and 9 who undertake a wide variety of activities. It encourages them to try new co-curricular clubs and prepares them for what will be required for the Duke of Edinburgh Award in Year 10, particularly getting used to uploading evidence and building an online portfolio.  

To gain the Grove Award, students must complete 5 challenges across at least 3 categories: Performing Arts, Sport, Bone et Fidelis, STEM and Other. Challenges may be completed in school or out of school.  

Students gaining the award have undertaken a wide variety of activities. These have included 10 hours of litter-picking, communicating with a pen friend in a language other than English, learning a musical instrument, taking part in horse-riding competitions, volunteering as tour guides for the school open mornings as well as participation in the full range of clubs, sports and concerts/plays that take place in school. 

The number of students gaining their Grove Award has steadily increased since its launch with 37 recipients in the first year, 66 in the second and this total looks likely to be surpassed this year with 44 badges and certificates having already been presented.