A Day in the Life of a Grove Boarder | Woodhouse Grove School

Boarding life at Woodhouse Grove

The typical daily routine of a Grove Boarder...

7.30am            Rising bell
7.45am            Breakfast
5.45pm            Tea
6.30pm           Prep/Homework (all year groups)
10.00pm         Year 9 Lights out
10.15pm          Year 10 Lights out
10.30pm         Year 11 Lights out
11.00pm          Sixth Form Lights out
Breakfast in Boarding house
9.30am            Activities/Games fixtures/Leave
12 noon           Lunch
2.00pm           Games fixtures/Boarding Activity
5.30pm            Tea and roll call
Every Saturday there is a varied programme of optional boarding activity or entertainment.
Breakfast in Boarding house
11.15am          Brunch followed by optional boarding activity
5.30pm           Tea
In general, activities on Saturdays will be in and around school. On Sundays trips and outings may be arranged further afield.
Individual boarding houses develop their own style but these basic timings are maintained throughout both boarding houses.
Lights out is at the discretion of the Boarding Staff on duty.

Settling In

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