Science | Woodhouse Grove School

We are all scientists, born with an innate curiosity that drives an exploration of the world around us.

At Woodhouse Grove we seek to formalise that exploration; to let children access the extraordinary breadth and depth of science in ways that inspire passion, determination and success. Science is a process as well as a body of knowledge, and our pupils engage with both. Content is taught hand-in-hand with the scientific method. Our students develop into independent learners, able to think critically about data, able to plan, to investigate, to analyse. They are guided by teachers with a passion for their own specialism so that each pupil can achieve at his or her very best.

Science is exciting - practical sessions bring the learning to life.

From the moment they enter a laboratory, children begin a journey.

Chemistry introduces them to the complexities of the physical world and the particles from which it is built. Biology illuminates the processes inside living organisms and in the ecosystems that support them. Physics examines fundamental concepts of forces, energy and matter.

Enthusiastic and experienced teachers provide creative, differentiated and committed support, and our students enjoy the close relationship between curriculum and current events.

Science related trips include Year 7’s “Habitats and Adaptation” excursion to Chester Zoo, enabling them to observe and discuss what they have learnt in the classroom and Year 10’s much anticipated Alton Towers trip where the science of rollercoaster mechanics is very much brought to life!

Many pupils continue their journey to A-level, tackling highly respected courses and on the way, perhaps, entering an Olympiad, taking part in a residential course, working as a mentor to support younger students, or assisting with science club. Ultimately, no matter what direction a student takes, he or she will have developed the multitude of life-long skills that science at The Grove promotes.