Chapel | Woodhouse Grove School

The beautiful Victorian Gothic Wesleyan Woodhouse Grove Chapel.

Once a joint venture between the local Methodist Circuit and the school, our Chapel stands at the edge of the campus, away from the demands of academic life. It remains a quiet space in which to think and reflect, to enjoy a few minutes of quiet and contemplation in the heart of a busy day. Three days a week, students come in their year groups for Chapel assembly, led by the Chaplain and a variety of other members of staff. A hymn, a prayer, a thought-provoking talk for the day, this becomes a precious part of school life for many students by the time they leave the Grove.

The Chapel is a place that gives a huge amount

For some, the Chapel becomes a place to return for the milestones of life.

Marriages begin here and children are brought for baptism and blessing. The impact of a life lived among us is marked in funeral and memorial services. Chapel is not separate from life, but a part of its rich tapestry and a venue to celebrate all that it brings. Here we mark Harvest, Remembrance, Christmas, Founders’ Day. Here we begin each school year and end our time at the Grove in the Leavers’ Service. The Chapel is a place that gives a huge amount, in a multitude of understated ways, to so many members of the Woodhouse Grove family.

Our identity

As a Methodist School, Chapel is a key part of expressing our identity as people who are changing and growing, sometimes conscious of the spiritual, sometimes oblivious, but part of a community that believes that following God in the way of Jesus gives us a richer, fuller life.