Upper School | Woodhouse Grove School

A rich, challenging and dynamic curriculum with individual support and guidance.

At Woodhouse Grove, we understand that the Upper School is a time of significant change for our pupils, not only in terms of academic and social challenges but also within themselves. We want our Upper School students to be proud of their accomplishments and work hard with each and every one to help them achieve their best. We offer a rich, challenging and dynamic curriculum and individual support and guidance to give our young people a true sense of well-being, a sense of fun and a growing awareness of themselves. We want our students to be able to question the world around them with an open mind and have the character to listen to others whilst being prepared to stand up for their beliefs.

The Upper School is about continued academic challenge.

But, equally as important, it is about a broad and stimulating range of co-curricular activity; social diversity; developing friendships; opportunities to lead and a tightening focus on the future supported by mentoring and careers advice. Encouragement, Challenge, Support and Guidance are key words throughout the school and nowhere more so than in the lives of our students in Years 10 and 11.