Humanities | Woodhouse Grove School

At Woodhouse Grove, the Humanities staff are truly passionate about their subjects and dedicated to developing each individual’s potential.

Out of the classroom, we offer our students wide-reaching opportunities with the aim of inspiring a lifelong love of learning.

History is brought to life by visiting theatre groups for Years 7-9 and we welcome a range of exciting speakers – many of whom are Old Grovians.

The Philosophy and RS Department run the weekly Junior Philosophy Club, where students discuss philosophical concepts. Recent topics for discussion include:
"Do animals have souls and what implications does this have for animal rights?
"What makes an act morally good or bad?"

Humanities trips enable students to see the wider world and reflect on their place within it.

We are keen that our students learn about the community around them.

Exploring the local area plays an important role in Woodhouse Grove Humanities teaching. Our Year 7 pupils are tasked with researching different places of worship within their locality to better understand faith in their area, whilst our Year 10s visit Bradford Synagogue - the oldest synagogue in Yorkshire. The Geography Department offers opportunities within the curriculum to explore the vast school grounds and local area, and further afield at GCSE and A level. Our pupils also take part in a number of competitions, including psychology, business and economics, as well as political and historical debates.

Woodhouse Grove students are also offered a broad range of overseas Humanities trips. Whether a Geography trip to Iceland or New York, a History and RS visit to Berlin or Poland, or visiting Athens on a Philosophy trip, our students engage with the world around them and develop both their knowledge and interest, supplementing a real love of learning.

Our annual visit to the World War 1 Battlefields of France and Belgium is a particularly moving experience for pupils and staff alike, particularly when remembering Old Grovians who were involved in this conflict, as well as those who are currently part of the armed services.