Settling In | Woodhouse Grove School

Our Boarding Staff are very experienced at looking after and supporting the pupils in their care.

Each pupil is allocated a Tutor who oversees their academic progress, while Houseparents are responsible for all other aspects of a boarder’s life. Both work together to ensure excellent pastoral care.

Senior prefects act as role models and mentors, and friends act as a support network for each other. Staff understand that it’s perfectly natural for boarders to become homesick from time to time and do all they can to ensure that boarders feel happy, settled and supported.

So what is it really like to be a boarder at Woodhouse Grove? Read our Rough Guide below to find out more.....


Rough Guide To Boarding


Below is an outline of the procedures that are in place to help new boarders successfully join the boarding community at Woodhouse Grove School.

Welcoming new boarders

Before arrival, a Boarding house handbook will be sent electronically and as a paper copy. The Head of Boarding will also send a welcome letter explaining Woodhouse Grove’s “buddy” system and arrival procedures.

Upon Arrival

All new boarders will be met and welcomed at 4pm in the dining hall by Staff, House Captains and Prefects. Hot drinks and a range of refreshments will be provided and boarders will be able to chat with other new boarders and their parents. Each new boarder will be escorted to their House and shown to their bedroom with a brief House tour and have time to settle in and talk with their new room mate or neighbour.

In the evening, each House will have a house meeting with the Houseparents. This gives new boarders the opportunity to ask any questions and start to make friends. They will meet their allocated buddy who will guide them through the first few weeks of boarding and help them during the day by taking them to and from each of their lessons.

First Few Weeks

We have a number of organised buddy evenings and a buddy and new boarders trip out. The induction culminates in a meal together with the Head of Boarding. Houseparents and Tutors will meet new boarder's regularly to make sure they have settled in well and will also contact parents after the first two weeks have been completed.

Boarders are encouraged to keep in touch with home. Pupils have access to telephones and Skype to contact family and friends. Woodhouse Grove also provide pupils with their own e-mail address, and letters are collected daily. Pupils are also allowed access to their mobile phones and the house phones to be able to keep in touch with friends and family outside of school.