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I am...
the very best of me

Our promise

Our promise

Our promise

Providing a full and rounded education is key to unlocking a child’s potential.

From their first day in our Nursery to their last day in Sixth Form, Woodhouse Grove students are offered a wealth of opportunities, both academic and co-curricular.

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I am Grovian

I am Grovian

Our pupils benefit from the confidence and growth that comes from being known and understood as an individual.

From the moment they step through our doors, they join a community where values are instilled and friendships forged that will last a lifetime.

I am every teacher who has inspired me.

I am Grovian

I am every sports tour that has motivated me.

I am Grovian

I am everything I want to be.

I am Grovian

I am every lesson that has opened my eyes.

I am Grovian

I am every book that has captivated me.

I am Grovian

I am every science experiment that has surprised me.

I am Grovian

I am individual, yet I am part of something incredible.

I am Grovian

Now & Always

Woodhouse Grove gave me the foundations to turn my passion into a job.

Becky Ives

Reporter and Presenter

We can’t thank Keith Jones, Roger Howard, Adrian Sweeney and the rest of the staff at Woodhouse Grove enough for their support.

James Whitcombe

Rugby Player

The social skills I developed at school have helped carry me through all aspects of my life.

Dr Aaron Soane


The education I received from the Grove was more than just about academic success.

Tom Bould

Squadron Leader

I am so thankful to the Grove for all it has given me.

Emma Humphreys

Law - Employment Partner

The Grove,

The Grove