KS1 | Woodhouse Grove School

Enabling our children to grow in independence.

Key Stage 1 is located in the main school building at Brontë House. There are two classes in each year group with class sizes of approximately 16-18 children.

At this stage, the children’s development in their basic skills is particularly rapid and the curriculum becomes more structured and learning more formalised than that in Early Years at Ashdown Lodge. Whilst we follow the new National Curriculum, this is enhanced by a creative approach, which aims to inspire and enthuse. Our intention is to build confidence and self-esteem, enabling our children to grow in independence.

Each and every child receives the attention that they deserve.

We pride ourselves on developing positive parent teacher relationships in order to best support each individual child on their educational journey.

Experienced teachers are supported by excellent teaching assistants, ensuring that each and every child receives the attention that they deserve. Specialist teaching in music, PE, games and French offers our pupils high quality learning experiences from experts in their field.

We understand the importance of maintaining daily contact with parents throughout the year as well providing updates on the children’s progress at our frequent Parents’ Evenings.

The Creative Curriculum is enhanced by a wide range of educational field trips and workshops which are linked to our Topics, giving the children the opportunity to experience the world beyond the classroom. We believe this to be an essential part of their learning and personal development. Children in Year 2 have the opportunity to go on a residential visit during the Summer Term where, alongside their classmates, they experience a night away from home in an exciting and inspiring environment.