Frequently Asked Questions | Woodhouse Grove School

Is there school on Saturday?

There are no formal lessons on Saturday, but there are usually sports fixtures and team practices in the morning as well as subject-specific catch up sessions and other activities.

What else happens at weekends?

There is a full programme of boarders’ activities at weekends that is published in Houses and on Twitter weekly. Please refer to the Boarding Pupils’ Handbook for an example.

Are pupils allowed out after school?

Boarding pupils are allowed into the local area at the discretion of their House Parents and after a suitable induction. They are generally allowed to go into Leeds on Saturday and Sunday, within permitted time frames and dependent on their age. Details can be found in the Boarding Pupils’ Handbook.

Can my child put posters on their walls?

Yes this is permitted in the boarding houses as we want to ensure every boarder is comfortable in their personal space. If they are ever unsure, they can speak with the Houseparent. Bedrooms are equipped with noticeboards to make this easier.

What if my child has specific dietary requirements?

Our catering department is able to provide for special diets such as gluten-free, or lactose-intolerant and works closely with the staff in the school’s Medical Centre and Boarding to ensure that pupils with specific needs are well looked after.

What are the laundry arrangements?

Laundry is done for the boarders on a daily basis. Pupils put their washing into the laundry bags which are returned within 48 hours. Shirts are pressed and folded. There is also the facility for older pupils to do their own laundry should they wish.

How many others will my child share a room with?

Most rooms in boarding are doubles. There are some single rooms available for Upper Sixth Form students. Each bedroom has a bed, desk, wardrobe and drawer space for each pupil.

When do boarders do their homework?

Prep is done in either the IT suite or the school library dependent on a boarder's house status. This is supervised by boarding staff, who can assist with any queries. Older students may choose to work more independently in their boarding houses during prep time and during quiet time where necessary.

What happens when a boarder is ill?

The school has a fully equipped Medical Centre which is staffed until 1700hrs Monday to Friday. Out of these hours, boarding staff are responsible for student welfare and will take care of them overnight until they can be referred to the school nurse. If they are contagious, they will be sent home to their parents or guardian. The school’s Health and Safety policy can be obtained by contacting the Headmaster's PA, Sally Hargrave:

Is there someone in the boarding house during the day?

Yes, the Houseparent or Boarding Administrator is on duty during the day, so there is always someone available to help if a boarder has a problem. However, access to the boarding houses is restricted during the day so that pupils are fully integrated within the day school.

How far is the nearest airport?

The nearest airport is Leeds Bradford Airport which is 3 miles away. We also have a train station opposite the school in Apperley Bridge. This is useful for transfers to Manchester Airport via Leeds train station.

Can the school arrange airport transfers?

Yes, our Transport Coordinator arranges pupil transport needs and requirements. This is done via our transport request form that is available in each boarding house for pupils to complete. For further information, please contact Jo Amos: