Climbing Wall | Woodhouse Grove School

The Woodhouse Grove climbing wall is a very popular facility that offers our students the chance to experience the basics of climbing in a safe, indoor environment.

Fully equipped with helmets, harnesses, belay devices and fourteen ropes, the wall offers over thirty climbs, catering for a variety of abilities. Beginners can take their first tentative steps in confidence on fixed top ropes, whilst there is also the opportunity to advance to lead climbing and multi-pitch set up practice for the outdoors. The climbing wall routes are reset twice a year to offer a fresh challenge.

Routes are reset to offer a fresh challenge.

Climbing builds self confidence and encourages teamwork.

Woodhouse Grove pupils are given the opportunity to use the wall in afternoon games lessons and there is also an active climbing club that meets twice a week. Some of our students also select climbing as part of their PE GCSE.