Languages | Woodhouse Grove School

We are the stuff of which dreams are made!

Vigour and rigour, flexibility and precision, breadth and depth, diversity and inclusivity, teamwork and individuality. These are the watchwords of our Department.

We value every individual, whatever their gifts, skills and challenges and aim to realise the full potential of all students in our care.

Expectations are high and results excellent with increasing numbers of students pursuing languages at university level. Language lessons take a variety of forms and are to be enjoyed and learned from.

Our aim is to provide a positive and creative environment which allows each student to flourish, providing stretch and challenge, with support and nurture at the same time. We want our students to develop positive attitudes to speakers of other languages and their cultures and be able to communicate with them effectively. We believe our aspirational linguists will have the key attributes to compete in today’s global economy.

Our aim is to offer opportunity and excitement.

The world is their oyster!

In Modern Foreign Languages, we have an experienced group of well qualified and highly capable linguists, ably assisted by native speakers, who work with small groups of students in the teaching of French, German and Spanish. We have access to the outstanding digilab affording students a wide range of interactive learning experiences.

We are proud of, though not complacent about, our reputation as an international school: we have thirty or so different native languages represented by current students from all over the world and we celebrate this every year through the European Day of Languages.