Business and Economics | Woodhouse Grove School

Our Business and Economics department strives to shape and guide the next generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs who will impact the economy and the world we live in.

Our experienced teachers, who have industry experience, provide our students with high-quality and up-to-date learning resources, as well as embedded pedagogy, ensuring that our students develop critical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, and other essential soft skills that are in high demand in today's business world.

We are committed to preparing our future business leaders for success in whatever career path they choose to pursue.

We aim to enable our students to make a positive impact on the world around them.

Our GCSE curriculum aims to equip students with a comprehensive understanding of key business concepts, terminology, objectives, and their broader societal impact. Students are given the opportunity to explore real-life business issues and apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios.

Our A-Level Business Studies program is designed to provide a broad understanding of the main functional areas of business management and leadership; decision making, marketing, finance, human resource performance, and analysis of the strategic position of businesses. This curriculum is delivered through a variety of activities, preparing students for future employment opportunities and equipping them with the skills required to run a successful business.

Our Economics A-Level curriculum provides students with an introduction to the world of economics, enabling them to explore core microeconomic and macroeconomic concepts and investigate economic theories through real-world businesses. Students develop a depth of knowledge and understanding, with a focus on practical applications to more complex concepts and models.

For those students interested in entrepreneurship, we offer the BTEC Extended Certificate in Enterprise and Entrepreneurship.

This provides a comprehensive introduction to the enterprise sector, including commercial and social entrepreneurship, personal and business finance, and marketing campaign development.

Our students are well-prepared to navigate the complex world of business.

Our Business, Economics, and Enterprise students have numerous opportunities to gain practical business experience.

As part of the BTEC course, students set up a social enterprise. The LEAP enterprise programme enables students from Years 10 to 12 to form a business team and establish a start-up enterprise. Participating in such programmes teaches students important skills and provides them with valuable networking opportunities as they interact with customers, investors, mentors, and business partners.

Business, Economics, and Enterprise are central to modern-day global industry and technology.

At Woodhouse Grove, our aim is to ensure our students are future ready – and to inspire the next generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs.