Recording Studio | Woodhouse Grove School

Situated in the Davy Building Performing Arts Centre, the Recording Studio consists of two rooms, one for live performance and the other for recording, mixing and synthesis.

As every studio user knows well, there is always more equipment to buy and software upgrades to install but currently we run Cubase, Reason, Sonar and Fruity loops in the studio with a reasonable selection of VST and outboard hardware. Monitoring is provided by the standard NS10’s and the yellow Kevlar magnificence of KRK Rockit 10’s, a selection of microphones including AKGC414, C1000s, D112, AKG Drum pack, Rode NT4, SHURE SM57’s and 58’s, provide more than enough variety for everyone.

The studio is something of a twilight zone: budding sound engineers have been known to disappear only being spotted on occasional refreshment breaks, although with the advent of the junior music technology club “Wired”, this space is gradually seeing increased use beyond the “hardcore” sixth form sound tech team.