PE & Sport | Woodhouse Grove School

Woodhouse Grove is known for its proud sporting heritage and outstanding range of sports facilities.

We offer our students a high quality, stimulating Physical Education Curriculum, which is supported by an inclusive and dynamic co-curricular programme. Our aim is to inspire lifelong engagement in sport in our pupils – and understanding of the importance of exercise and physical activity in contemporary lifestyles, irrespective of ability.
Our summer sports offering is gender neutral, with all pupils given access to the same sports. In the winter, requests from parents for boys to opt into the netball programme will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the Director of Sport. Contact rugby is limited to boys from Year 7 onwards due to RFU guidelines.

Physical Education

The main aim of the Physical Education Curriculum is to provide students with opportunities to participate in a wide range of sports and activities throughout the school year. They spend 6 weeks on one activity before moving on to a different one.

Within Physical Education lessons, each year group has a specific focus across all of the 6 activities they will participate in over the three school terms.

Year 7 – Foundations of core skills and development of physical literacy and fitness elements

Year 8 – Developing core skills, introducing advanced skills and introduction to healthy lifestyles through fitness

Year 9 – Developing knowledge and understanding through a variety of activity and fitness areas

Year 10 – Learning through match play and showing leadership through a range of roles and responsibilities

Year 11 – Linking theory to physical performance

PE and Games (Curriculum)

Ball Skills & Invasion Games
Basketball, Handball, Rugby, Netball, Football, Hockey

Fitness & Movement Skills
HRF, Swimming, Gymnastics, Cross Country, Climbing, Dance/Aerobics, Yoga

Striking Games
Cricket, Rounders, Softball

Racquet Games
Tennis, Badminton, Squash, Table Tennis

Curricular PE Performance Indicators

To develop the foundations of core skills, introduce and refine advanced skills and promote development of physical literacy and fitness elements.

To develop knowledge and understanding of leading a healthy active lifestyle through the principles of health and fitness and promote lifelong participation.

To develop leadership skills by providing opportunities for pupils to take on a range of different roles and responsibilities.

To develop knowledge and understanding of the theoretical aspects associated within health, fitness and sports performance.

All pupils across the school can swim 50m and a run a mile without stopping.


Our Games programme offers each pupil two lessons of Games on their weekly timetable and compliments our co-curricular provision with the aim of providing competitive fixtures against other schools in a range of sports and activities. All Games lessons are staffed by the PE department, external coaches and academic members of staff who are involved in Co-curricular Sport.

From Year 9, pupils are offered a “Sports Carousel” in Games, giving them a wide range of sporting options.

Students in Years 12 and 13 have the opportunity to be involved in community service or volunteering during this time. Students in Year 13 have the option to opt out of Senior Games to concentrate on academic studies, volunteering or external sporting commitments.

Games Timetable