Art & Design Technology | Woodhouse Grove School

Our Art and Design Technology departments aim to embed in all students a love of creation.

Both departments strive to develop a fundamental practice that resonates beyond school years into adulthood, one that provides a creative toolbox for young adults that empowers them to access and understand their world's both digital and real. We want to enable all and to provide a methodology for inquisitive minds to explore their own and other cultures. We seek to establish and hone ways for children to see culture, creation and production as part of the network of living activities that make them who they are.

We want our students to stand out!

To enable these far reaching goals we teach a plethora of exciting skills.

We offer bespoke teaching and learning across the curriculum and in numerous clubs and tutorials after school in our state of the art studios, workshops, design suites and CAM (Computer Aided Manufacture) computer room. Our 3D Printer and Safety Cabinet, gifted by Leeds-based firm Kora, enriches the teaching of STEM and design subjects. Art students enjoy visits to local and national art collections and work with visiting artists trying to create a legacy of awareness and pleasure in the world we live in.

We nurture critical skills that link students back into our shared histories whilst enabling their imaginations to conceive and build a better future. We work across the school in creative activities that enrich the teaching environment and give visual support to other subject areas. We embrace problem solving skills in such a way as to be impactful in whatever career trajectory the students ultimately take-whether in the Sciences, Law or Fine Art.