As Energy Saving Awareness Week in the UK comes to an end, we wanted to interview our WGS Sustainability and Energy Officer, Mrs Howard, who has recently been appointed to this new role within the school. We chatted to her about her role in the school and what we can do individually to become more sustainable.

What does your role as Sustainability and Energy Officer for the school involve? 

“In my role, I will have responsibility for all areas of energy, waste and water across the 4 school sites (including Moorlands School) and residential properties. I will be looking at how the school can reduce its carbon footprint and measure the progress we make. Hopefully, as COVID numbers reduce I can become a more visible person in school and will be promoting energy efficiency and sustainability awareness.”


Why should the school be trying to save energy and be more sustainable?  

“Climate change and global warming are real and negative consequences of living beyond the limits of our natural environment. It will affect us all no matter where we live, causing more extreme weather conditions, food shortages and loss of the natural world. In conserving energy, we can slow the pace of climate change. It is fantastic that the school is already taking steps in this direction and plans to do even more.”

 What can students and staff do in and around school to help the school become more sustainable and energy saving? 

“Focusing on energy in particular students and staff can really help with energy saving:

  • Switch off lights when leaving a room

  • Turn off all devices and electronics at the base when they are no longer needed (especially on Friday)

  • Don’t overfill the kettle, just put in what you need

  • Clear spaces in front of radiators to allow maximum heat into the room

  • Turn down the heating in a room (where possible) rather than opening a window if it gets too warm

  • Think twice about printing – will it create waste, can you email a copy to recipients?

By doing these small things around the school everyone can help to make Woodhouse Grove more energy efficient.”


What are your top tips for being more sustainable in everyday life?  

“It can feel overwhelming knowing where to start with sustainability but there are small changes we can all make that will have a big impact. As the saying goes ‘We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly’. 

  • Carry a reusable coffee cup and water bottle with you whenever you go out

  • Visit a refill shop and support the ‘Just one bottle’ campaign. Imagine if every person chose one washing up or shampoo bottle to refill rather than buying a new one how much packaging waste could be reduced

  • Think about what you put in your black bin, does it really belong in general waste? Can it be recycled, given away or composted?

  • Consider introducing more vegetarian meals into your diet

  • Follow an organisation that provides regular hints and tips on sustainability like Zero Waste Leeds 

  • Most importantly – get outside and explore nature

Even by making small changes towards sustainability you can help the environment.”

Thank you to Mrs Howard for talking to us about how we can help the school become more sustainable. 


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