Entrance Exam & Interview Year 7 2021 | Woodhouse Grove School

Remote Entrance Exam & Interview 2021

Please don’t worry or panic! Just do your best. Your place at the Grove is not just about the exam. We want you to do well!

We know that doing the exam remotely feels a little bit strange and your parents might need to help you upload things but we need you to do all the hard work!



What you need for the Exam


1. You will need a laptop or computer to complete the Entrance Exam Test.

2. Your pencil case – including a pen, a pencil, ruler and rubber. NO CALCULATORS

3. Some lined paper – this can be out of a school exercise book; the middle pages often come out easily.

4. Some spare paper for you to use if you need it for working out or jotting things down.

5. You will need to upload some photographs of your work into the exam.

An example of how to do this…

Make sure you have an email account open on your laptop/computer.
Take a photo of your work on a phone or device and email it to the open account.
Save the attachment from the email onto your laptop/computer.
Click upload and select that file.


6. The link to the exam will be sent to you at the time outlined in your email. 

You should time….

1 hour working time on the English paper – there are 3 sections

1 hour working time on the Maths paper – there are 3 sections

In total you will have 3 hours to return your completed exam including uploading time.

Parents can help with any uploading but we ask you kindly not to assist your child or review any of their work.  The exam results will be reviewed along with the school report and interview. We want to see what you are capable of, not your mums and dads! 

Entrance Exam Tips

Read the question carefully. Don’t rush! Make sure you understand what you are required to do.

If you can’t answer a question, don’t panic! Take one more look and if you’re still stuck, move on. If you have time at the end, come back to the question and give it a shot. Even a guess is better than leaving a blank!

Make sure you check how many points the question is worth. If it is worth 3 points, you need to make 3 points in your answer.

If any technology goes wrong or you get in a muddle please email us and we can help, don’t panic!

And, finally, give yourself a pat on the back when you finish. Exams are tough. And exams during Lockdown are even tougher. You should be proud of yourself.

What you need for the Interview


1. You will need an ipad, laptop or computer to sign into Zoom, please make sure you are ready and waiting a couple of minutes before the time of your interview.

2. Make sure you call your device your name (eg Sam C) otherwise you will NOT be allowed to enter the interview meeting. 

3. Your Mum, Dad or guardian needs to be in the room with you – but not on the camera.

4. You will need your favourite book handy – you will be asked to read a short passage from the book.

5. It will last between 10-15 minutes.

Entrance Interview Tips

Don’t worry! We just want to get to know you. Woodhouse Grove welcomes all sorts of people – but we’ve never had anyone quite like you. You are unique and we want to find out as much as we can about you!

Your interviewer is actually a really nice person – so there’s absolutely no need to be nervous of them. We know your interviews are on Zoom which is a bit strange but we hope that you have been doing other things on Zoom like talking to relatives or even quizzes!

There are no right or wrong answers. Plus the interview is about your expert subject – you! 

Try not to be shy. If you think we might be interested in the model you are building (yes!) or the dance you made up (of course!) – just tell us. These are the things that we will remember about you and that make you special.

If you have achieved something special, don’t be modest, let us know! This might be winning a medal – but equally, it might be trying something new that you were nervous about. Both are just as important.

Smile! Your interviewer will have had to work hard, interviewing a lot of children. It’s always lovely to be greeted by a smiling face!

Try and enjoy yourself!

Any issues?

Please ring

07592 381315

Or email