Prize Day, Leavers’ Weekend and OG Sunday

This past weekend at The Grove was marked by our much-anticipated annual Prize Day, Leavers’ Weekend, and Old Grovian Sunday Celebrations, bringing together our wonderful community of both current and Old Grovians. The festivities began on Saturday with Prize Day, where we recognized and celebrated the remarkable achievements of our pupils. Prizes were awarded to a distinguished group of pupils, setting an inspiring example for their peers. We were honored to have Mr. Jamie Peacock MBE as our guest speaker, whose wise and motivating words left a lasting impression on everyone present. 

Head Prefects, Lucy Lund and Callum Hyland Dugbo, delivered a heartfelt  speech, reflecting on their memorable experiences at The Grove and offering valuable advice to current students. While the typical British weather led to the postponement of Sports Day due to safety concerns on the wet and slippery grass, the spirit of the day remained undampened. The Year 13 leavers were treated to an enchanting evening at the Leavers’ Ball, where they, along with their families and staff, enjoyed a splendid event organised by our dedicated team. The evening meal, especially our famous brownies, received high praise, and the night was capped off with joyful dancing on the sparkling dance floor. 

Old Grovian Sunday began with a touching Chapel service led by Reverend Drost, followed by a delightful leavers’ lunch, live music, and bouncy castles for families to enjoy. The day also saw many Old Grovians returning for the Family Funday, where they relived cherished memories while participating in OG Tennis and Cricket matches. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who joined us in these celebrations. To our leavers, many of whom have been with us since Ashdown Lodge, we wish you all the best in your future endeavours. Remember, you are an individual, but you are part of something incredible. You are Grovian.