Summer term at The Grove 

Summer term at The Grove is a jam-packed and vibrant time, a culmination of the academic and sporting year’s efforts, and a time of anticipation for what lies ahead. This term is particularly significant for Years 11 and 13, who, upon their return from the Easter break, are met with their GCSEs and A-level examinations. This period not only tests their knowledge, but also their resilience, marking a pivotal moment before they venture onto their subsequent journeys.

The Grove prides itself on fostering a supportive environment, offering guidance and resources. We have a dedicated team of staff committed to helping pupils navigate their future paths – whether that’s higher education, apprenticeships or other pursuits, the emphasis is on opening doors to diverse opportunities.

Amidst this academic focus, The Grove ensures the vitality of school life is maintained, with eagerly anticipated events such as the Year 7 and 8 production. This year’s adaptation of Dennis Kelly’s “Our Teacher’s a Troll” promises to be an exciting showcase, set against the backdrop of The McCarthy Theatre. Following the success of last year’s “Alice in Wonderland,” expectations are high, and the air buzzes with excitement as students and staff alike prepare for what is sure to be another memorable performance. Such events not only enrich the school’s cultural fabric but also provide students with invaluable experiences outside the classroom, fostering creativity, teamwork, and confidence.

The Grove’s calendar is full of events that strengthen the sense of community among current pupils, staff and the extended family of Old Grovians. The upcoming Sports’ Presentation Evenings and the annual Prize Day and Leavers Weekend are cornerstone events that celebrate the achievements and milestones of the Grove family. These gatherings are not only a testament to the hard work and dedication of the students but also an opportunity for reflection, gratitude and camaraderie.

Meanwhile, the school continues to nurture its bonds with our OGs through events such as the London reunion which takes place on Thursday 18th April. We welcome everyone to join us at this event to say a quick hello and maybe grab a bite to eat. Take a look at the events page on our website to find out more about the details.

As the term progresses, it is the Grovian Values—enterprising and resourceful, honourable and respectful, and committed and resilient—that guide the students, embracing what may be the last few weeks of their journey at The Grove.