A Head Start at Brontë House

The importance of the quality of primary level education you choose for your child should not be underestimated. A good primary school will nurture a love of learning in its pupils, encourage them to stretch themselves, develop resilience and instil good work habits that will last a lifetime.

At Brontë House, class sizes are small enough to allow teachers to get to know each individual child’s academic strengths and challenges, as well as the way in which they are best motivated to learn. We offer pupils an exciting Topic based curriculum that gives them a context for their learning. This is enhanced by a wide range of educational field trips and workshops, linked to the Topic being studied.

The KS1 and KS2 results at Brontë House are consistently well above national expectations. But more importantly, our children leave us as thoughtful, enthusiastic and independent learners, well equipped in every way to tackle the challenges ahead of them as they continue their educational journey.

Here’s what the parents of some of our recent starters have to say:

“Since coming to Brontë, my child has become more confident and his love of learning has grown every day.”

“There is real variety in the curriculum and the subjects taught, which is sadly lacking in many junior schools.”

“[Our daughter] has made incredible strides this first term. Severely dyslexic, her progress and confidence in reading has been noted by all the family and her tutor external to the school. [The school] is doing wonderful work and as parents, we have had some very proud moments listening to her reading short stories over the last few months. Her confidence is building and her attitude towards learning where she knows she struggles is really positive. Thank you.”

“Since coming to Brontë, my child has blossomed. She now looks forward to school each day and has rediscovered her love of learning.

Brontë House – a bright beginning for a bright future.