We are delighted to announce that our 2019-20 Head Prefects are Esther Bean and Eddie King.



We asked Esther and Eddie a few questions to get to know them a little bit better…

When did you first join WGS?

Eddie – Pre-nursery, aged 3!

Esther – I joined aged 4 in Nursery. I can’t imagine being anywhere else.

How did you feel when you first found out you were Head Prefects?

Esther – I was excited and proud. I have been at the school for a long time and it just tops it off. I was also a little bit nervous thinking about the duties and speeches the role involves – but more excited.

Eddie – The recognition and being able to represent the school felt good. And to be able to set an example to younger pupils.

What are your best memories of WGS so far?

Esther – Swim tours, netball matches – and even leaving Bronte and our prom!

Eddie – Our expedition to Uganda this summer is a great memory but sometimes the biggest memories happen when you are least expecting them – like a moment in a lesson which stays with you.

What activities have you been involved in at WGS?

Eddie – Basketball, football, rugby and athletics. I also play bass guitar and the drums and am involved in Soul band, Rock band and Swing band.

Esther – I’m in the Swimming Team and play 1st team netball. I also play the flute in Flute Group and Concert Band.

What A levels are you studying?

Esther – Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Art. I would like to go on to read Architecture – perhaps at Bath or Sheffield, although I have a few more University Open Days to go to.

Eddie – Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry – with the aim of studying Civil Engineering at Imperial.

What do you think is the most important thing that your time at WGS has given you?

Both – Lots of opportunities to do so much. Whether it is through Music or Sport, you can express yourself in so many different ways.

 What advice would you give to our new Year 7s?

Esther – Try as many activities as you can. It doesn’t matter if you end up not liking it – but you might love it.

Eddie – Yes, definitely, try everything. You have much more time than you first think.

Esther – Yes – and it goes so quickly, so make sure you cherish it.

Have you made good friends at WGS?

Esther – Oh yes. We will definitely all stay in touch after school. They were very supportive and happy for me when they found out I was Head Prefect.

Eddie – Yes they’re great – although when they found out I was Head prefect, there were a few jokey comments!

 How would you like to be remembered at the end of your year being Head Prefects?

Eddie – Not too serious – but instead, someone who is charismatic and relatable.

Esther – As someone who can show people just how much they can do and achieve.


We wish them both all the best for the year ahead.

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