Last October, Woodhouse Grove was awarded the Wellbeing Award for Schools – making us the first independent school in the UK to achieve this accolade.

A key aspect of the award is its focus on the long-term culture of a school, embedding an ethos where mental health is regarded as the responsibility of all; a community enterprise.

Community is what The Grove thrives on and is rooted in the shared sent of Grovian Values instilled in all our pupils –  something that Anthony Cadman, Deputy Head Pastoral highlighted in his blog on the Grovian Values of being “Honourable & Respectful”:

“The school aims to instill a wide variety of values within the pupils and honour and respect are certainly key within this process. Indeed one of the school’s stated aims is to foster mature, caring behaviour and nurture pastoral excellence and a strong sense of community. Without a doubt the sense of community at Woodhouse Grove is something highly valued and recognised by pupils, staff, parents and visitors alike.”

Framed values

There are many layers of pastoral support at The Grove with well-established Learning Support and Pastoral Teams offering provision and interventions that match the needs of pupils. We also understand that, sometimes, the best help and advice can some from other students and our House system has a very positive impact, allowing pupils in different years to work with each other and help each other out whilst getting involved in activities, working on teamwork and learning leadership skills. Students can also seek advice and support from each other at a pupil-run drop-in centre “The Hub”.

Rebecca Vernon, Head of Wellbeing recognizes the importance of the school community support network:

It is vital that the whole school community is engaged to support emotional health. As well as having systems in place to support all different types of emotional and mental health needs, we encourage pupils to take responsibility for each other.”

At The Grove, we have always been known for our unique approach to education, focusing on nurturing the individual and helping each pupil grow into the very best version of themselves that they can be. Mr Cadman points out that,

Becoming the best that you can be is not limited to one aspect of school life. Being a Grovian is about more than academic success, sporting prowess or performing in the theatre. It is about becoming a more rounded individual, ready to meet the challenges the world beyond education will throw at you.”

Having the support of a strong community behind you is key to this. Mr Cadman goes on to say,

“At The Grove, each pupil is viewed as an individual but is part of a great community. Ultimately we all have our individual characters, qualities and weaknesses. The strength of the Grove is that we aim to embrace these differences, educate where mistakes are made and cultivate a community that is respectful and honourable.”

And finally, from James Lockwood, Headmaster:

“Achieving the Wellbeing Award for Schools is a testament to our staff and pupils and their commitment to our school ethos regarding the importance of mental health. Woodhouse Grove is not just a school, we are a community – and, as in any community, we take responsibility for each other’s wellbeing. It is wonderful that this has been acknowledged.”

I am an individual, yet I am part of something incredible. I am Grovian.