A few months ago we posted a blog by Roger Howard, our then Director of Sport. In it, Roger commented on the Grovian Values of being Committed & Resilient. He said:

… 8 or 18, boy or girl, introvert or extrovert, all and everyone has their individual ‘Wants’. This is our motivation. Commitment is the process by how we ‘Get’ these ‘Wants’…Whatever the activity, commitment is required and this involves sustained determination and dedication. The discipline involved includes sacrifice and compromise, alongside skills such as prioritisation and time management…Commitment needs a support network and appreciation of your motivation from those around you, but above all else it involves a sense of understanding that single-minded application to a purpose is not the same as selfishness, a challenge in itself for both adults and the young, to consistently appreciate, apply and enjoy.

Imagine, then, Roger’s pleasure when he received the following email a little while back:


Messages such as these are a testament to the dedication of our staff, the unique ethos of the Grove community – and the values that each and every one of our Grovians embody.

Congratulations Dr. Sanders – your Commitment & Resilience paid off. We are absolutely chuffed that you achieved your dream – and that you were reminded of your time here at the Grove.

I am everything I want to be.

I am Grovian.