Framed poem

As a parent as well as a member of staff, and first and foremost an (old) Grovian, the piece that resonates most with me is the “I am understood”.

My children have been lucky enough to be nurtured within Ashdown Lodge from pre-nursery. I cried the first time I walked round when Sam (now 6.5) was 2, as I couldn’t have dreamt of anywhere as special for him to spend his formative schooling years.

The staff know him. They understand him.

Every year, Mrs Moody, then Mrs Hinchliffe, Mrs Potter in Reception and latterly Mrs Hallam and Mrs O’Leary, KNOW my son.

 They watch him carefully. They react to his favourite games. They draw out the reluctant bits and make him less reluctant. They build upon his strengths.

They have played a massive part in developing his confidence, turning him into the polite, determined and happy boy he is.

He always wants to go to school.

Caroline Pearce