We are delighted that Y13 pupil Alex Laird has signed a Professional Contract at Bradford City FC starting next season.  The 17 year old central defender joined BCFC Academy at the age of 12 and became a pupil at the school in Y12.  He is currently studying for his A Levels which he will take this summer ahead of joining the BCFC 1st team for the 2017/18 season.

“Alex has shown that it is still possible to pursue elite sporting ambitions in combination with academic aspirations. We are proud of him and pleased we have been able to support him as a member of the school in achieving this. He is one of a number of pupils at the school committed to maintaining similar approaches in their respective sports. There is more than one route to success, but none are easy and achievement requires a culture and environment which facilitates and is flexible enough to meet the demands of the performer and at The Grove we recognise all these factors.”
Roger Howard – Director of Sport

When the summer term starts next week we will be hearing from Alex about this fantastic opportunity and how he has balanced his academic study with the demands of professional football.