Framed values

What better way to kick off our next half term of Grovian Values Staff Blogs than with this piece by Katy Curtis, Head of Academic PE. Katy writes about the value of sport in teaching pupils to be Honourable & Respectful. Her pride and affection for her students is truly warming.


Grovian Values – Honourable & Respectful

Katy Curtis, Head of Academic PE

It is a Monday morning Year 8 hockey class learning about short corners – it is cold, raining and very early. It is a Year 7 swimming fitness lesson – straight after a 3-course lunch. It is a cold Saturday morning 1st team competitive National Netball Cup game and we are down 31-30. Grovians display Honour and Respect always.

Belonging to a team is something that many pupils at The Grove cherish throughout their years here. Through this belonging, is a growing, underlying quality of sportsmanship. Treating the people they play with and against as they would like to be treated. Playing fair, showing respect for themselves, teammates, opponents, for the coaches on both sides and for the referees, umpires and other officials.

In every contest, there is always a winner and a loser. It is the way Grovians handle being the loser that counts.

“Only a man who knows what it is like to be defeated can reach down to the bottom of his soul and come up with an extra ounce of power it takes to win when the match is even.” (Muhammad Ali)

Pupils at The Grove show Honour and they show Respect at all times, no matter what the score.

Monday evening fitness sessions out on the netball court. We have roughly 40 senior girls turning up. They basically spend an hour slogging their guts out at a ridiculous intensity no matter what the weather. They still say ‘thank-you’ with a smile, at the end.

Competition at The Grove exists not only during inter-school competition, but also within our community itself. The House system provides a platform by which healthy competition can be practised and the qualities mentioned above are embedded and developed inside our school. Pupils compete against peers across their age range in a plethora of different activities to promote dedication, motivation and enthusiasm – through this, Honour and Respect are just some of the qualities that are promoted continuously.

As a Grovian, Honour and Respect are qualities that have underpinned everyday school life. Upon turning ‘Old Grovian’ these values will be recognised and appreciated in the wider society and will be applied innately.

Respect the Training,

Honour the commitment,

Cherish the results.