Framed values

Deputy Headmaster (Pastoral), Anthony Cadman, takes the helm this week with his Grovian Values Staff Blog on being Honourable & Respectful.

Grovian Values – Honourable & Respectful

Anthony Cadman, Deputy Headmaster (Pastoral)

The launch of the new website and prospectus earlier this academic year was a very welcome undertaking and has provided a very clear vision of what Woodhouse Grove is all about. I am particularly taken by the messages about “Grovian Values” throughout the literature and website and I am delighted to be writing about two of these values in this blog.

The school aims to instill a wide variety of values within the pupils and honour and respect are certainly key within this process. Indeed one of the school’s stated aims is to foster mature, caring behaviour and nurture pastoral excellence and a strong sense of community. Without a doubt the sense of community at Woodhouse Grove is something highly valued and recognised by pupils, staff, parents and visitors alike.

This sense of respect is evident between our pupils and also in the staff/pupil relationships within school. Teachers want pupils to be ambitious but are also sensitive to the needs of each individual and are determined to get the best from each pupil. This is not just in the classroom but also within the pastoral setting of the school. All staff, but in particular the Form Tutors, Heads of Year and Heads of Houses, all endeavour to develop mutually respectful relationship with pupils and set high expectations for pupils conduct, offering guidance where necessary but also allowing space for personal discovery.

The PSHEE programme, School assemblies, Chapel services and form periods also have a large contribution toward instilling the Grovian values within our pupils. Honour and respect for others are of course regular themes underpinning the messages given in these situations. The charity works carried out by the school Duke of Edinburgh awards and expeditions, such as the 2016 Uganda Expedition all give opportunities for pupils to demonstrate character and show huge personal development.

“Becoming the best that you can be” is not limited to one aspect of school life. Being a Grovian is about more than academic success, sporting prowess or performing in the theatre. It is about becoming a more rounded individual, ready to meet the challenges the world beyond education will throw at you. The twitter feeds about some of our alumni illustrate this preparation for life brilliantly.

In an assembly last term, I challenged the whole school community to reflect on our Grovian values and how as an individual they exhibit them. Having gone through the list of values I finished with the statement:

“I am an individual, yet part of something incredible.”

This statement, for me, sums up what Woodhouse Grove School is all about. Each pupil is viewed as an individual but is part of a great community. Ultimately we all have our individual characters, qualities and weaknesses. The strength of the Grove is that we aim to embrace these differences, educate where mistakes are made and cultivate a community that is respectful and honourable – values key to the Grovian Way.