Framed values

Our next Grovian Values Staff Blog is written by Ali Hinchliffe, Foundation Stage Co-ordinator. Based at Ashdown Lodge, the home of Brontë House Early Years pupils,  Ali experiences our youngest Grovians being Inquisitive & Curious on a daily basis. She discusses the importance of nurturing these values throughout school life – and beyond.

Grovian Values – Inquisitive & Curious

Ali Hinchliffe, Foundation Stage Co-ordinator

Curiosity starts with the itch to explore.

Why, why, why….

‘But why mummy….’ Words I am sure you have all heard over and over again! As parents it’s sometimes hard to resist the urge to reply ‘just because!’ but this curiosity needs be nurtured and encouraged, especially in very young children (not always easy when it’s the 100th “why” at a time when perhaps you’d rather they be asleep in bed!) As educators (both parents and teachers), we play a big role in the development of our children’s curiosity. Daunting, because doing so involves a sustained and conscious effort, but so absolutely worthwhile in the end.

I once read: ‘Curious people are more alive, somehow; their eyes are lit from behind. They know more about more, which makes them more interesting. They are also more interested in others and in what they do or care about, in whatever topic is being discussed and whatever is being explored.’

Curiosity starts young. Children have a biological need to play and explore, all we have to do is fuel that fire by providing rich and varied experiences. Even now as adults, you know that feeling of when you realise something for the first time or learn something new, you actually vocalise it with an ‘Oh yes!’ or a ‘I never knew that…’ – well, that’s how young children feel every day. Imagine – a whole world full of brand new and interesting things to discover. That’s what being young feels like. If we do nothing else today, let’s make sure that we answer those “Why?” “How?” “What’s this?” questions and share those new discoveries with our children. The shared joy you have when your child discovers something for the first time will be reward enough for encouraging them to continue on the path of new discoveries.

At Ashdown Lodge we indulge in shared discovery with the children all the time….

  • Last week the ice has provided a whole wealth of opportunities for exploration, awe and wonder at the natural environment.
  • Magnets are amazing when you are 4: ‘It’s like being a superhero… I can push this one and I’m not even touching it!’
  • Even weighing out dog biscuits in our pet shop; ‘Wow… it goes down, then back up again…. Now what will happen if….”

Here are some of our little Grovians at their Inquisitive & Curious best…