The London 2016 Reunion was held at Doggetts Coat & Badge, London on Thursday 29th September. It was an absolutely fantastic venue on Blackfriars Bridge with great views across the city.

Old Grovians young and old joined us for drinks and a light buffet; some came for a drink after work and others stayed till the early hours of Friday morning. We were delighted to be joined by Old Grovian (1938-47) Geoffrey Newton on his 87th Birthday.  Roger Howard (Chairman of the OGA) welcomed all our guests and encouraged everyone present to come back next year and bring another Old Grovian with them.  For photos from the evening please click here.

Those present included:

David Clare 1974-1984
Will Coker 1979-1984
Richard Gaunt 1986-1991
Martin Griffiths 1986-1994
David Humphreys HM 1996-2015
Jack Karet 2000-2007
John Maney 1954-1960
Stuart Nesbit 1982-1993
Geoffrey Newton 1938-47
David Palmer-Barnes 1984-1989
Ronald Reynard 1946-53
David Vasey 1965-1971
Richard  Whiting 1976-1983
Camilla Wood 2001-2008
Simon Yeomans 1972-1979
Ned Taylor 1987-1994
Rebecca Worrall 2004-2011
Chloe Gordon 2004-2011
Mike Allewell 1990-2001
Matthew Gullick 1988-1995
Sam Cadman 1989-1996
Roger Howard 1971-1978
James Lockwood 1986-1992
Andrew Rhodes 1982-1987